Older buildings contain endless charms. Ornate woodwork, unique moldings, antique built-ins...the list goes on. Unfortunately, these charms do not include the archaic electrical systems that are so often found in older structures. The increasing energy demand plus the continuing advancement of technology have rendered the original breaker panels in many buildings insufficient. Many people are unaware that their building has such a problem until they put more stress on their system, such as an extra computer, and suddenly begin experiencing trouble with their electrical service. Others have been experiencing symptoms for some time, and simply overlook them. If you are the owner of a building that uses more energy than your electric panel can handle, you may have noticed:

Flickering Lights

Very Dim Lights

Insufficient Power Supply

Tripping Brerakers / Blown Fuses

Appliances Not Running At Full Power

Your Building May Be a Good Candidate for An Upgrade

Switch out your current breaker panel for a model that can handle the demand of modern appliances and home theatre systems. After all of your breaker panel upgrade needs are fulfilled, you will immediately notice a difference in your energy efficiency and the overall quality of your electric service. That’s well worth the electrical panel upgrade cost!

Some upgrades are more complex than others. Choosing the correct type differs based on a variety of factors, such as the projected required energy capacity, local building codes, and the specifics of your system.  We will inspect your old system and determine the correct and best choice for your needs and budget.

When It Comes to Your Safety, Trust the Experts

The electrical panel upgrade process is not as simple as changing a light bulb. It requires a skilled electrician to make sure that all parts are installed correctly and completely. Any errors could put you at risk for fire, damage to the new panel, and a shortened life for your entire electrical system. On top of property damage and blackouts, attempts by an amateur to perform an electrical service panel upgrade could also result in serious injury by electric shock.  

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